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uvex equestrian with Hans-Dieter Dreher.
uvex equestrian 30 June 2016, 17:41
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Romain Guillaume - Triathlete - on his way to the top. Watch him and his team prepare for the 2016 IRONMAN World Championship: uvex-sports.com/bmc
#uvexcycling #protectingpeople
uvex cycling with BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team powered by Uplace.
uvex cycling 30 June 2016, 17:10
Karl Platt - Cape Epic #3
#uvexperformance. "This is not just racing. It's a whole mentality, it's a lifestyle!" uvex athlete and five-time Cape Epic winner Karl Platt talks about his life as a pro athlete.
Find out more here: uvex-sports.com/capeepic
uvex cycling 29 June 2016, 15:44
Ingrid Klimke - Teamwork
Her horses would go through fire and water for her. uvex athlete Ingrid Klimke explains how horse and rider can make a perfect team.
#uvexequestrian #protectingpeople
uvex equestrian 27 June 2016, 11:30
Instagram video by Jurij Tepes • Jun 22, 2016 at 9:36am UTC
See this Instagram video by @tepesjurij • 1,145 likes
uvex wintersports 24 June 2016, 13:51
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uvex // award

uvex has just won two German Brand Awards! We got awarded in the categories "Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation" because of our exemplary brand architecture and brand strategy and in the category "Industry Excellence in Branding" as one of the best brands in the field of sports, outdoor activities and leisure.
Thank you very much - we will always give our best to protect you!

#weareproudtoprotectyou #uvex
uvex wintersports 22 June 2016, 14:03